— Since 2008, with the "Una Oportunidad para Estudiar" (An Opportunity to Study) program, we have awarded over 7,180 scholarships to children and young people so that they can stay in school, improve their prospects and avoid falling prey to child labor.


— We have secured more than 12,000 donations since 2004 for people with various ailments and needs, such as specialized prostheses and surgeries, psychomotor therapies, visual and hearing impairment aids, as well as treatments for cancer and other serious illnesses.

Natural disasters

— Since 2004, we have been helping families affected by natural disasters, providing construction materials, restoring household goods and distributing food supplies to more than 2,367 victims in a timely manner.

Volunteer work

— Around 9,000 volunteers have impacted over 52,000 lives with their efforts, through concrete aid and improvement actions aimed at vulnerable groups or pressing issues such as climate change.

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